We’re Looking for Volunteer Fundraisers!

Help us to continue making a difference to the health, development and livelihoods of communities across the Ashanti region in Ghana by becoming a volunteer fundraiser. See below for more details and please feel free to get in touch.

Ashanti Development was set up in 2005, when London-based Ghanaians asked their friends and neighbours for help to improve the lives of people in their home villages. These were cocoa farmers who could no longer grow cocoa because of climate change. Many were close to starvation.

We are a 100 per cent volunteers’ charity and pay no salaries and very few expenses in the UK. We employ staff in Ashanti to carry out our projects.

We are looking for a volunteer fundraiser with the ability to raise money in ways including by applying for grants from donor organisations. They must be committed to our aims and objects (see, have the ability to produce good written English and be free to offer us a few hours work a week. They must also be happy to work remotely. The role would suit a new starter looking for some first-hand experience and who we would train, or a retired person, or anyone else with spare time on their hands who wished to make a contribution to improving the lives of the very poor.

The volunteer will get no pay – just the knowledge that they’re saving lives and the eternal gratitude of thousands of Ashanti families.

We look forward to hearing from you!

A Taste of Ghana 2022

A Taste of Ghana
Come and join us at our Annual Summer Party!
Saturday 6 August 2022
16.30 – 19.30
The Garden, The Tenants’ Hall
Underneath Tresham
Lambs Conduit Passage
London WC1R 4RE
(nearest Tube station: Holborn)

Ashantis living in central London will cook an authentic Ghanaian meal for you. Come and buy Ashanti gifts and souvenirs made in the dressmaking school in our home village of Gyetiase. There will also be a chance to win a raffle prize and find out more about Ghana, the charity, and how to become a volunteer.
Everyone’s welcome.
Tickets £16 (concessions £13)
Pay at the door by cash or credit card or book through Eventbrite
Eventbrite bookings £13

Time for Tennis?

Time for Tennis? The Wimbledon Foundation has kindly offered us two Centre Court tickets for the Championships for Thursday 7 July. We’re going to auction these on-line to raise funds for Ashanti Development. The normal price for these tickets is £210 each, ie £420 for two. If you are interested in bidding, please let us know your best offer before Thursday June 9. The winner will be informed and told how to access their tickets on June 12. PS. Save The Dates Our annual summer party, A Taste of Ghana, will be held on Saturday August 6 from 4.30 to 7.30pm. And our sponsored walk down the Canal from St Pancras to Limehouse will be held on Saturday 24 September at 2.30pm – details to follow.

Free Food for Toddlers

Ashanti Development is very grateful to All Saints Church in Fleet for raising enough money to provide thirty children with free school dinners for a year. We know that since we started giving these the children look much stronger and healthier, and the mothers, of course, feel a great burden has been lifted from their shoulders.
Thank you so much, All Saints, from us and from all the children and their parents.

De-Worming Project

We’ve raised funds to buy worm tablets for children across two local authority areas and last week 1,400 received their first treatment of the year. The cost of tablets plus the costs of travel and community sensitization is 50p a child. This last is important, since many village people have never taken tablets and without sensitisation parents may refuse treatment for their children because they are afraid.
The children in the photos are holding up their packets of medication and are very happy.   They know the tablets will make a world of difference to their health and comfort.

Thanking Freddie

We want to thank to Freddie, our newest volunteer, who appears in the first photo. Freddie ran a half-marathan to collect money to sponsor a village, and then he went to Ashanti to choose which village to help.
He chose Mantukwa, a village of migrants who had walked south from the Sahel to escape the ravages of climate change. Consequently they have almost no possessions and are among the poorest of the poor.
The community were very appreciative of the chance Freddie offered them and worked at top speed to build their latrines before he left the country.
We want to join with Mantukwa in saying how grateful we are to Freddie, both for choosing Mantukwa and for choosing us.

Saying Goodbye To Hunger

We’re not big-headed but can’t help thinking our Farm Support Project is brilliant – and indeed there’s evidence that the Ghana government used it as a model for its own national agricultural policy. It consists of giving villages four years training in farming and marketing, and Ghc.500 loans to buy quality agricultural inputs. The loans are repaid with interest after harvest and keep their value, so after four years the money and training can be moved to new villages.
We’re running the project today in thirty villages, and hope within a year it will have eradicated hunger from all of them.
Here are some photos taken in the village of Timber Nkwanta, where Nicholas Aboagye, our Ghana director (wearing the orange T-shirt) is giving out the loans.
On the day after International Women’s Day, we’d like to add that we always favour women farmers, give them special help if necessary and are aiming for the project to be 50:50 men:women.

Desks For Esereso

We recently built a school for Esereso village, as the school the community built themselves blew away in a storm. The school we built was much larger as we knew that as soon as term started more children would come out of the bush and enroll. But we’ve only now managed to raise funds for desks for the children, who used to sit on the floor during lessons.


Volunteer in Mampong Hospital

We’re looking for medical staff who’d like to volunteer in Mampong Government Hospital for, say, 2 weeks to 6 months. They’ll have to pay their own fares and vaccinations, but Ashanti Development will provide free board, lodging, washing, internet and transport to and from work.
There are 98 beds in the hospital’s general wing and a further 56 elsewhere. Treatable conditions such as malaria are by far the highest cause of admission to the general wing, followed by anaemia, pneumonia, diarrhoea, typhoid, hypertension and diabetes. There’s a big maternity wing too.
Please tell anyone you think might be interested, and here’s a photo of the hospital.

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