We’ve just bought the surgical equipment shown in the photo for Mampong Maternity Hospital, who are telling us how grateful they are.  In fact we did nothing but buy the equipment and we’re very grateful to the Christadelphians who donated the money in the first place.

For some time now, we’ve been asking for donations to renovate and re-equip the hospital.  In view of coronavirus, this now seems a particularly good idea.

Hygiene training!

The village of Nkwanta has just been asked whether they would like household latrines and hygiene training – and they jumped at the chance.  The funding has been donated in memory of one of our three founders, David Williamson, who first explained to us why it was so important for communities to have these.

Accommodation for the teachers!

Asasebonsu is a remote village of settlers, who’ve recently walked south from the Sahara to escape the effects of climate change.  The village has a school, but the teachers have to sleep in their classrooms and only untrained people apply.

We’re building teachers’ accommodation – three bedrooms, two latrines and a bathroom – and hoping that trained teachers will queue up for jobs in Asasebonsu when the building’s finished.

Climate Change!!

Agado, our beekeeper has 18 hives and set up 26 more in the villages where we work. He visited today to say 3 hives had been destroyed by wild fire and honey would be sparse this year since the land is so dry. Climate change affects everything here and makes survival harder.

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