New pipes

The pipe which carries water between Gyetiase and Tadiesa villages was destroyed by a contractor working on the road.  Luckily, before ever this happened the villages had been saving money by selling water, so they had a small fund in hand.  And last week they spent Tuesday – which is a day dedicated to communal labour – digging the trenches for new pipes.




We’ve sadly just cancelled our sponsored walk in London, scheduled for September 19.  Boris’ new rule about meetings having to have less than six people was the reason.

However there are four separate sponsored walks (of under six people) being held in different parts of the country, so all is not lost.

The ecstasy for water !

In Saviour Benin, the only source of drinking water was a shallow polluted stream.  Then Izzy generously funded a borehole, which we tried to drill a few weeks ago, but the drill rig got stuck in the mud.  The weather let up for a while recently, and we had another try.  It took all day but finally, just before midnight, we hit water.  The community is ecstatic.

A brand new delivery bed

The photos show a brand new delivery bed which one of our Directors (in fact, David Rees himself) has just funded for the David Rees clinic at Ankamadua.  According to Madam Mercy, the midwife in charge of the clinic, it will make deliveries much easier and there will be fewer complications.  Madam Mercy is full of praise and thanks for David.

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