A stall in Camden Market!

Ashanti Development has been given a share of a stall in Camden Market.   It’s located in the new Bucks Market – down a corridor to the left of the photo with Bucks Market written up.

Martha Boadu, who’s running the stall, is Ashanti Development’s founder.  She’d love it if you could drop in for a chat but best check with us which days she’ll be there before going.



We just had two very successful drillings at the villages of Aframano and Asarenkwanta, and then disaster struck!  We were trying to drill a third borehole at Saviour Benin in Sekyere Central District, but the drill got stuck in the mud and the attempt was abandoned.  We won’t get another try until October/November when the rains stop.



Saviour Benin:


Better access to borehole

Nyinampong is lucky enough to have found a donor to ‘mechanise’ its borehole The water will be pumped up by electricity into overhead tanks, and then it can be accessed by simply turning on a tap. The photos show the overhead platforms which the tanks will sit on. There’s a road down the middle of the village, so there will be fetching points either side of it. No need for anyone cross the road.

New school and new hopes

The photo shows the school we’ve just built for the little farming village of Esereso and the homemade structure that served as a school before.
When the Chief first learned that we were offering to build a school, he made a long speech. He said that now he wished he was a child again. His generation were living in poverty because they never went to school. Things would be so much better for today’s children, he said. The assemblyman wept.
The school will accommodate 120 children who are not yet old enough to walk the 6km to school at Kwamang, and 6km back. Without it, young children are already far behind with their school work before they apply to Kwamang, and the school there will not accept them.

New water supply

This week, a geophysics team visited the villages of Timber Nkwanta, Asarenkwanta and Nyankomam. They managed to locate good places to drill for water in each village, but the question remains as to whether the water is too deep. If not, all three villages will have their own boreholes in a week or two.
The man in the photo is the chief of Asare Nkwanta, who stayed with the drillers all day.


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