Mosi-Kura Not So Lucky

Poor Mosi-Kura. Geophysics tell us that the water is is about 200 metres underground – too deep for a borehole. But Mosi-Kura has one more chance. There’s a 40 year old abandoned borehole just outside the village. We’re sending mechanics to see if it can be repaired.
Mosi-Kura’s water supply has dried up

Mosi-Kura’s Lucky Day

Geophysics are on their way, the drill rig isn’t far behind and Ashanti Development has been given funding for boreholes in four new villages, all badly in need of clean water. We’re also funding latrines and hygiene in the village of Mosi-Kura (trans: Mosi’s Home), a community of settlers from Burkina Faso driven south by climate change. We called in last week and were told that their stream had completely dried up and they were having to collect water from another stream, five miles away. Mosi-Kura’s exceptionally lucky, as we’ve re-allocated one of our four boreholes to them. Luckily we hadn’t told the other village that we intended to give them a borehole but even so somehow or other we must try to make good their loss.


In memory of Seth, who for many years was our good and hard-working caretaker. He died last week and we are all so sad to have lost him.

Thanks to the Society of Perfusion Scientists

We’re very grateful to the Society of Clinical Perfusion Scientists for sending us pens, pencils and exercise books. We used them for our tree-planting project. We ask every child within three years of leaving school to plant and look after a sapling and reward them from time to time with little prizes. After three years the sapling is well established and can survive without help.
The pictures show the children of Bonkron village with their prizes.

Suspect Stats

There’s a stigma attached to covid19 in Ghana, and people are often loath to admit they have it. Also, causes of deaths are often unknown, or recorded incorrectly. For these reasons we are hesitant about accepting the Ghana Government’s official figures for coronavirus, below,which cover the whole period of the pandemic, though they certainly much lower than here in the UK .

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