Light in the Darkness!

Blindness is life-threatening in the Ashanti villages.  Farmers with cataracts find they can’t distinguish corn from weeds;  women can no longer collect water or cook;  children have a life expectancy of about a year.

Ashanti Development has just carried out fifteen more cataract operations with funding from Hands International and the MCEC.  The patients are overwhelmed by their good fortune.   Ashanti Development joins them in sending enormous thanks to the donors. 

Promise from the hospital to keep it in good conditions!

The photos show abandoned rooms in Mampong Maternity Hospital.  The hospital was deprived of much of its funding under previous governments, and now needs renovating and re-equipping throughout.  This is the worst part and is destined for critically ill new born babies. 

The hospital has promised that it will keep refurbished rooms in good condition.  We have a permanent presence in the area and will ensure this is done.

Great harvest in Ashanti this year!

There’s going to be a great harvest in Ashanti this year, all the more so if you’re on Ashanti Development’s farm support scheme. The first two photos show Nana Ababio, who will start harvesting maize next week, and the rest are of Kwabena Asiamah farming green pepper farm.


Signing the Future

Signing the Future
This new signpost stands at the junction of the main road and the Bonkron road to the Gyetiase (or Jetiase) eye clinic. We’re not sure why patient and doctor look so European, as few Europeans are likely to visit – except of course for the Ashanti volunteers who probably won’t be asking for treatment.
The signpost is going up because our clinic has recently obtained government registration and is finally open for business.

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