Solar Power at Asubuaso Clinic

Last week we installed solar power at Nkujua clinic. This week we’ve moved on and are doing the same at Asubuaso clinic. Both clinics are now fully powered by solar, and it should make a world of difference to the treatment of patients who arrive after dark, as well as to the nurses’ ability to store vaccines and some medicines.
Here’s a photo of the installers, looking pleased with their work. Ashanti Development’s Ghana Director, Nicholas Aboagye, is on the far right.

Solar Power at Nkujua Clinic

We’ve just finished installing solar power at Nkujua clinic. Previously, the nurses had great difficulty helping patients – including women in labour – who arrived in the middle of the night. They are all very happy with the solar power, particularly since they can now store vaccines for immunisation and will no longer have to refer mothers and babies to Nsuta clinic for vaccination.

Baby Warmers Save Lives

Nsuta Clinic deals with hundreds of maternity cases. It made its own version of a radiant baby warmer in an effort to keep the weakest alive. Now, thanks to a kind donor, Ashanti Development has been able to give them a proper warmer. We went to the clinic to inspect it last week, and it had a baby in it. The nurses tell us it has saved four lives in the space of the few days since it’s been in place.

Tonometer Donation

Over the years, two Leicester-based Specsavers clinics have managed to provide our eye clinic in Gyetiase with just about all the equipment it needs, the one exception being a tonometer, which checks the pressure inside the eye. A generous donor has just enabled us to fill this gap, and the pictures show the tonometer being delivered and set up.

Cataract Operation Results

Continuing on from the previous post on our cataract treatment, the results of last week’s operations are clearer. Many of the patients were unable to walk unaided before the operation, but afterwards all of them can. They are overwhelmed with the return of their sight. The following two videos show Afua Badu arriving at the clinic and walking without help after the operation.

Cataract Treatment in Gyetiase

Cataract operations were carried out at the start of the month in the Ashanti Development eye clinic at Gyetiase. It rained throughout and many roads were impassable, so our Ghana Director spent the day ferrying patients to and fro in his 4 x 4. The pictures show some of the patients on the day, when few can walk without support.

Many thanks for such a great party!

Last Saturday we held our annual Taste of Ghana party, when Ashantis living in London cook us a meal to thank us for all the work we’ve done for them. Thanks to those that attended, it was lovely seeing everyone and enjoying such delicious food together. Here are some of the photos.

New Equipment for Nsuta Clinic

The photos show staff at Nsuta Clinic joyfully accepting delivery of a radiant baby warmer, a foetal ultrasound and a printer. The clinic – not one of ours – is the main health facility in its District and deals with 3,000 antenatal clients and over 2,700 baby deliveries a year. We hope the new equipment will make a major contribution to this work.

A little goes a long way

Since 2004, we calculate that Ashanti Development has sent the equivalent of just under £3million to Ashanti in today’s prices. With this, we have given 70,000 people water, sanitation and hygiene training, as well as help with education, health and livelihoods. A little goes a long way in Ghana.

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