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A new kindergarten for Kruwi

Last week saw the commissioning of a new kindergarten for Kruwi village. It’s very important for villages to have kindergartens, so parents can leave their toddlers in safety while they go to work on their farms.

Kruwi spent a day rejoicing when their kindergarten was finally up and running. The opening ceremony was presided over by the local authority Chief Executive.

Latrines for PSK

This picture shows the layout of the latrines finished earlier this year at the three villages of Patese, Sesease and Kokoben, commonly known as PSK.

After they’d finished the work, PSK appealed direct to the donors for a palm-oil presser, to enable them to sell palm oil at the local markets.  The donors agreed, and work is to begin shortly.

Our Italian team starts work

Work is underway to build a new clinic in the village of Adutwam, with finance provided by Ashanti Development Italia, co-founded by director Antonella Sinopoli.

Antonella, who sponsors the village (Adutwam have made her their queen) is currently in Ashanti helping to supervise the building of a clinic in Adutwam. You can follow her blog by clicking here.

Sixty latrines completed in Nkwabrim

This picture shows one of the last of the sixty latrines completed over the last two months in the village of Nkwabrim.

Every household now has its own and the community has been trained in hygiene.

The owner of this latrine spent his own money buying a pedestal for it.

From now on, whenever a new house is built in Nkwabrim the owner will be taught how to construct a latrine to go with it.

A new kindergarten for Bimma village

Bimma Village has a new kindergarten, generously financed by the Rotary Club of Leigh. The unskilled building work was carried out by the villagers under the supervision of Ashanti development’s Programmes Manager, Nicholas Aboagye.

In the photo, you can just see some of the children’s toys, painting and drawing equipment donated by Rotary’s Inner Wheel. Bimma children have a much better chance of a healthy and happy childhood because of the time, money and commitment of all these people.

And in early November we also bought teaching materials for Bimma’s Junior High School, thanks to the generosity of the Rotary Club’s Inner Wheel.

Work began in November The picture shows the villagers moulding the blocks which will be used to build the walls.

Meanwhile, the school staff and community of Dida Village have sent us a thank-you letter for the school latrines we built for them last year and for teaching equipment kindly donated by Christ Church, Lewes.

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