White Arrogance

White Arrogance What the Africans say about what the Whites think of them
e-book by Antonella Sinopoli, in Italian with links to original articles in English.  4.10 euros

White Arrogance

Antonella Sinopoli is a journalist and documentary maker as well as being founder of Ashanti Development Italia.   Her latest work, White Arrogance, is an ebook which aims to highlight prejudices spread by the Western media about the African continent.

Published by Quintadicopertina, the text is based on direct evidence from the web, blogs and social networks.  It is part of a collaborative publishing project by organisations active in human rights and freedom of information (website reference to Ping the World)

White Arrogance will be available soon in ePub, PDF and Mobipocket and at Amazon and all major on-line stores.  Antonella is generously offering half the profits to Ashanti Development.

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