Computers Come to Bimma Village

Bimma is the second of our villages to be given a computer room, this time thanks to the generosity of the Leigh Rotarians.  Bimma is waiting for some 2nd hand laptops to be delivered but meanwhile we’d be really grateful if anyone could provide any more. Our volunteers can clean and repair them, and will pick them up from most places too.Image

New Roof for the Clinic

Unfortunately, our plans for the clinic roof didn’t work out and we’re being forced to use aluminium roofing sheets to keep out the rain. It’s a lot of work, but at least we’ll be waterproof from now on.Image

Teak Tree Planting Project

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERANicholas runs a very successful tree-planting project in Ashanti. Each child who is within three years of school leaving age is given a seedling to look after. The seedlings need protection against goats and chickens, and of course a lot of water. The tree that grows best wins its carer a prize!Nowadays Nicholas only plants teak trees, because they grow well and are resistent to fire. They are used for electricity and telephone poles, so participating schools can earn a little income when the trees are fully mature.

The Forestry Department recently inspected the scheme and were very impressed. They donated 300 seedlings to the project. The photo is of children from Dida and their trees.

Gyetiase Village Says Thank You

Here’s the text of a very grateful thank-you letter sent from Gyetiase village to the donors who funded the village’s water connection to the new borehole at Tadiesa.

Dear Sir/Madam,
The Elders, Committee Members and the Entire Community of Gyetiase express their profound gratitude to you for the provision of Water Pump.
The Water Pump which has been installed to supply water to Gyetiase has stopped the persistent water shortage.  Again, the community had to travel some kilometers to collect polluted water.
This kind gesture is a laudable idea and the Almighty God would reward you with abundant blessings.
We shall take care and maintain it to serve its purpose.
Your usual co-operation is highly anticipated.
Yours faithfully
Daniel Darkwa (Secretary)
Nana Okofro Adu Boampong (Adontenhene)  
Nana Oduro  (Akwamuhene)
Yaw Gyimah (Committee Chairman)

Pay As You Pump

Over the past two weeks, Nicholas has visited about twenty villages, and the good news is that almost all have now agreed to pay for water in order to get money to maintain their boreholes. Even Asuafo and Anansu, who initially refused to pay for water despite several training and advice sessions, have now accepted that this is the only option if they are to get safe, regular supplies of drinking water. The only villages which haven’t yet accepted the policy are Patese, Sesease and Kokoben.

The photo shows people of Amangoase village fetching water from the borehole provided by Ashanti Development. They so far repaired their borehole twice, and also extended the height of the platform with money generated from the sales of the water.Image have

Congratulations to Ashanti Development Italia and Adutwam

Adutwam Village’s new clinic has just been commissioned. It was funded by Ashanti Development Italia, and here’s what Antonella, who runs ADI, says about the ceremony.

“What a wonderful day today for Ashanti Development and Ashanti
Development Italia. We commission the Adutwam Health Center to the community and the local autorities. The chief was so happy – I could see from his eyes – and you cannot immagine how much I was happy. And Nicholas was so supportive, as usual.

“The ceremony was wonderful, everything perfect. I would like to tell you so many things, but the connection is so bad.

“I hope this is just the beginning. I wish to see Italian volunteers around Adutwam doing something good.”Adutwan Clinic Commission 2

Latrines And Drums

SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERAPentem and Ongwase village are on the brink of starting work on their household latrines.  The chief has offered them a room in his palace to store cement, stones and sand and the photo shows the villagers offloading construction materials.

We’re hoping that when it’s all done and dusted, Pentem may make us a present of one of its famous drums for the museum we’re hoping to build.  The drums were used for whipping up support for the witchdoctors and are famous in the area.


Microcredit Loans for Adutwam Village

There’s work going on in the village of Adutwam. The community is very stable and well-run, and we’ve lent them £3,666 to buy a cornmill on microcredit terms. In our case this means they must repay the loan plus 15 per cent pa (inflation is 10.6 per cent), which shouldn’t be too painful for them. Here’s a photo of them fixing the first supports into the ground for the shed to house the mill.

ps.  Just a few more days to register and vote for our project @  Voting stops on June 1.SAMSUNG DIGITAL CAMERA

Please Vote for Our Idea

We would be extremely grateful for two minutes of your time to vote for Ashanti Development’s idea, as explained below. We hope you don’t mind us asking.

Please could you go to this link:  and register.  Then log off, log on and vote for Ashanti Development.

The Planeterra Foundation and G Adventures are running a project aiming to use tourism to crease a positive, sustainable impact on tourist destinations.  Customers “submit ideas, the community votes on them and the idea judged to have the most impact and greatest chance of success will be brought to life.”

Ashanti Development has submitted an idea for extending tours to the Ashanti Region and including two days in and around the villages.  GAdventures is encouraging us.  Apparently they already run trips to Ghana and believe the long-term sustainable possibilities of our project are in line with Planeterra’s goals and values.

We’re unlikely to win the competition because we’re starting late and the deadline is June 3, but we might possibly persuade GAdventures to take up the idea anyway.  If you like the idea too, would would much appreciate your help.  All you have to do is vote.

PS.  You can vote up to once a day!

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