Our medics visit Ghana

Our Ashanti Development medics Chris and Helen recently visited our projects in Ghana. Here is what they got up to:

– Met new staff at Sekyere Central District Health Directorate and re-established their village screening programme.
– Ran a screening programme in the villages of Ankumadua and Jansa, testing adults for TB, diabetes, HIV, syphilis and hypertension.
– Kept an eye out for breast cancer and the neglected tropical diseases of yaws, buruli ulcer and leprosy.
– Agreed to fund further screening at other villages every three months.
– Checked-in on the great work of Christabel, one of our full-time staff members in Ghana. She has become a community health volunteer in a nationwide project to prevent onchocerciasis (river blindness), making sure that all adults and older children in Gyetiase and Tadieso villages receive a regular dose of Ivermectin. Christabel is shown in the photos below.
A huge thanks to the continued support from Chris and Helen🥳

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