Saying Goodbye To Hunger

We’re not big-headed but can’t help thinking our Farm Support Project is brilliant – and indeed there’s evidence that the Ghana government used it as a model for its own national agricultural policy. It consists of giving villages four years training in farming and marketing, and Ghc.500 loans to buy quality agricultural inputs. The loans are repaid with interest after harvest and keep their value, so after four years the money and training can be moved to new villages.
We’re running the project today in thirty villages, and hope within a year it will have eradicated hunger from all of them.
Here are some photos taken in the village of Timber Nkwanta, where Nicholas Aboagye, our Ghana director (wearing the orange T-shirt) is giving out the loans.
On the day after International Women’s Day, we’d like to add that we always favour women farmers, give them special help if necessary and are aiming for the project to be 50:50 men:women.
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