Ashanti Development Must Get A Move On

The quarterly statistics below are patient-throughput figures for the four clinics (excluding the eye clinic) we have built in Ashanti. The first two, named after founder David Williamson and donor David Rees, are big buildings, designed to serve many villages. At first sight it’s puzzling as to why the Rees Clinic should have so many more cases of diarrhoea than the Williamson Clinic. The reason is that we have not yet been able to give the villages surrounding the Rees Clinic – Ankamadua, Fawoman and Amoaman – sanitation, whereas most of the villages near the Williamson Clinic, have already received it.

Mprim Clinic is situated in a shed originally used to house a cassava processing machine. The shed is small but nonetheless has almost as big a patient throughput as the two big clinics.
As for Adutwam Clinic, it is on the furthest reaches of our area so villages to its south have not been given sanitation, and hence the high figure for diarrhoea.
Ashanti Development must hurry up and expand so as to put an end to all this unnecessary sickness.

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