The preliminary results of a pump test on the borehole we just drilled in Asarenkwanta show that there’s a large amount of water in the borehole.  A water quality test will be carried out next to make sure it’s good for drinking.

That’s really good news for the village.  Provided the water quality is good they will be able to sell some of the water to nearby villages and make some profit for themselves.

New pipes

The pipe which carries water between Gyetiase and Tadiesa villages was destroyed by a contractor working on the road.  Luckily, before ever this happened the villages had been saving money by selling water, so they had a small fund in hand.  And last week they spent Tuesday – which is a day dedicated to communal labour – digging the trenches for new pipes.




We’ve sadly just cancelled our sponsored walk in London, scheduled for September 19.  Boris’ new rule about meetings having to have less than six people was the reason.

However there are four separate sponsored walks (of under six people) being held in different parts of the country, so all is not lost.

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