Our team in the UK

In the UK, Ashanti Development is a 100% volunteer force. All money raised is spent directly for the benefit of Ashanti villages.

It is run by a small management team and by long-term, unpaid volunteers, including those pictured below.  Many of these volunteers run their own projects under the Ashanti Development umbrella.

Martha Boadu : Co-founder and Director

Martha Boadu

Co-founder and Director

Martha is the Leader of the Church of Grace International, with over forty congregations in the UK and Ghana.  She works as a childminder for the London Borough of Camden.

Penny David : Co-founder and Director

Penny David

Co-founder and Director

Penny was a director of Strategy for Success, a consultancy which developed corporate strategies in the supply chains of major retail and automotive clients.

Albert Antwi : Director

Albert Antwi


Professor David Rees : Chair of Ashanti Development

Professor David Rees

Chair of Ashanti Development

Martin Badu : Director

Martin Badu


Helen Booth : Director

Helen Booth


Helen is a consultant in respiratory diseases at UCLH, and runs Ashanti Development's primary healthcare work.

Zoe Cunningham :

Zoe Cunningham

Zoe is a software engineer who organises a sponsored walk for Ashanti Development every year.

Chris Hartley-Sharpe : Director

Chris Hartley-Sharpe


Chris Hartley-Sharpe and his partner Helen Booth lead Ashanti Development's work on primary health care.

Paul Kalinauckas : Director

Paul Kalinauckas


Judy Keep : Director

Judy Keep


Judy runs fund-raising concerts for Ashanti Development.

Jonathan Reid : Director

Jonathan Reid


Jonathan is a lawyer who works as a Senior Counsel for the Royal Bank of Scotland.  He initially studied Mathematics at Oxford University, before qualifying in Law at the College of Law.  He has worked for around 16 years in a number of legal and banking roles.

Dawn Williamson : Director

Dawn Williamson


Dawn is organising twinning arrangements for UK and Ashanti schools.

Ashkan Khalili :

Ashkan Khalili

Ashkan is an eye specialist, working at Moorfields and UCLH.

Barrie Coates :

Barrie Coates

Barrie is Ashanti Development’s representative in the North of England. Barrie and his Rotary Club in Leigh are delighted to have been the pilot organisation involved in 'Adopt a Village' which has been very successful in Bimma.

Tamas Varayev :

Tamas Varayev

Accounting Technician who helps auditing and reviewing various accounting systems within the charity.

Ab Roy :

Ab Roy

Ab organises the opticians who distribute secondhand prescription spectacles in Ashanti.

Jeremy Keep :

Jeremy Keep

Jeremy is a surveyor who has worked on the clinic building.

Holly Rees :

Holly Rees

Holly teaches English, reading and writing in Ashanti schools.

Kathy Rees :

Kathy Rees

Kathy is a secondary school teacher.

Peter Rees :

Peter Rees

Peter taught Gyetiase Primary 3 in summer 2010 and went back again in 2011.

Simon Sholl :

Simon Sholl

Simon is a hydrogeologist, who also finds sponsors who will provide poor families with five years free National Health Insurance.

Jennifer Kavanagh :

Jennifer Kavanagh

Jennifer specialises in setting up microcredit schemes.

Sally Tomlinson :

Sally Tomlinson

Sally volunteered as a teacher of English and Art for 6 months in 2011.  She taught at the Primary and JHS in Gyetiase and the Primary in Bimma.

Isebail McKinnon :

Isebail McKinnon

Isebail runs a microcredit project now extending over six villages.

Nathan Nelson :

Nathan Nelson

Nathan helps out with our website and social media and assisted Nicholas with projects in Ashanti for 6 months in 2011.

Andy Newman :

Andy Newman

Andy builds second-hand computers for us.

Nicky Bennett :

Nicky Bennett

Nicky is a children’s nurse, specialising in development.

Susan Tetlow :

Susan Tetlow

Susan is a doctor, who for us concentrates on back care – a major problem for village women carrying loads on their heads.

Matt Jephcote :

Matt Jephcote

Matt taught art and geography in Gyetiase in 2010.

Paul Bloch :

Paul Bloch

Paul is developing a bee keeping project for the Ashanti Development villages.

Dave Banks :

Dave Banks

Dave is a long-term teacher-trainer working in Ashanti.

Izzy Bandurek :

Izzy Bandurek

Izzy is a terrific fund-raiser.

Paul Atakorah :

Paul Atakorah

Paul runs the Ashanti Development stall.

Kwame Owusu-Ansah :

Kwame Owusu-Ansah

Kwame  is responsible for liaison with Ghanaians living in the UK.

Ruth Simpson :

Ruth Simpson

Ruth is a nurse and also fund-raises for us.

Not shown above:

  • Bob Freeman is our accountant
  • Paula Jones-Syed is an optician, working for SpecSavers
  • James Lalor is a hydrogeologist
  • Ernestina Mensah helps run a stall for us twice a month
  • Vicky Coy is a hydrogeologist