Ashanti News is our occasional e-magazine. Follow the link to see recent editions.

Ashanti News 35, November 2018 – Cataract Survery at the Clinic, Latrine Competition, Computer Room for the Disabled of Nsuta

AshantiNews 34, July 2018 – Optical Microscopes for ~Schools, The Mango Tree Clinic, Taste of Ghana

Ashanti News 33, March 2018 – The President of Ghana, A Beginner Volunteer, News in Brief

Ashanti News 32, October 2017 – David Williamson and Rodney Bickerstaffe, Sandra’s Story, Microcredit: Empowering the Poorest of the Poor

Ashanti News 31, July 2017 (1) – Ankamadua Clinic, Fighting Climate Change, Calling All Teachers, Ways To Help Ashanti

Ashanti News 30, April 2017 – Worm Project for Settler Villagers, Health Report, Water Filter Breakthrough, The 2016 Reith Lecture

Ashanti News 29, November 2016 – The English Queen Mother of Nyinampong, Ten Years Old, Revamping Science Education in Rural Africa, Amazing Exam Results, Swimming for Dome

Ashanti News 28, April 16 – Miracle at Bimma, Making Globalisation Work, Exam Results, Medical Report, The Golden Stool

Ashanti News 27, October 2015The Future’s all Sewn Up, Brighter Vision for Ashantis, Teak – the Money Tree, Adam’s Second Run

Ashanti News 26, June 2015Ashanti Events, School Twinning Programme, Bee-Keeping in Ashanti, Extracts from the 2014 Directors’ Report

Ashanti News 25, January 2015 Vivian goes back to School, Teaching the Teachers

Ashanti News 24, September 2014 – Filters Bring Clean Water to Every Village, A Taste of Ghana

Ashanti News 23, June 2014 – Hart Lending A Hand in Ghana, Fund Raising Group

Ashanti News 22, January 2014 – Gala for Ghana, Reprint of CNJ article on Martha Boadu

Ashanti News 21, November 2013 – A Day in the Life of Dave Banks, Charity Saturday

Ashanti News 20, June 2013 – A Balance Sheet

Ashanti News 19, December 2012 – Dawn Williamson ‘Sponsoring a Village’ Dave Banks,  ‘Teacher Training’, Gyetiase Clinic, Ruth Simpson, ‘A Visit to Mampong Hospitals’  

Ashanti News 18, July 2012 A Dream of Africa Gala 2012, Crowdfunding for Awanya Village, Village Healthworkers 

Ashanti News 17, March 2012 – Develop a village scheme – Ashanti Gala 2012, ‘Old Daamang’

Ashanti News 16, August 2011 – Barrie Coates, ‘Bimma Village’

Ashanti News 15, May 2011 – Helen Booth, ‘Bringing Better Health to Ashanti Villages’

Ashanti News 14, December 2010 – Abhijit Roy, ‘The View from the High Street’: Tree Planting, Gyetiase

Ashanti News 13, September 2010 Kathy Rees, ‘The Ashanti Development Summer School’

Ashanti News 12,  July 2010 Nicky Bennett, ‘Our Volunteering Experience in Gyetiase’

Ashanti News 11, May 2010 David Williamson, ‘Providing Water and Sanitation’: Kathy Rees, ‘Preparing for a Summer School’: Nicholas Aboagye, ‘Tree Planting Project’

Ashanti News 10, November 2009 Simon Sholl, ‘National Health Insurance Cover for Needy Families’

Ashanti News 9, September 2009 Cambridge Evening News (reprint) ‘Holly takes a Class’

Ashanti News 8, May 2009 Isebail MacKinnon and Jennifer Kavanagh, ‘Setting up a Microcredit Project in Ghana’