The smile on the motor bike

The big smile on the motor bike belongs to Mavis, our microcredit manager. Many Ashanti women are reluctant to be seen on bike and motorbikes, but Mavis loves it, She needs to travel constantly from village to village, and the bike will speed things up no end.

The sweet sound of money

Shop quality Ashanti Development honey, making its first sales. Congratulations to Dawn and Paul for working out a terrific project, which is seriously increasing the income of local people. Honey is now produced from 102 hives across sixteen Ashanti villages.

Never forgotten

Early this week, a little ceremony took place in Gyetiase – the unveiling of a bust of Ashanti Development founder David Williamson. It was David who finally worked out how to get clean water to the village, and he was much beloved by the community. He would have very touched to know that the village commissioned the bust and is determined never to forget him.

David’s daughter, Dawn, is standing near the bust, and we’ve put in one of the last photos of David for comparison!


Sight and sound

The Adontenhene of our village recently sent us a plea for help. He said he was going deaf, which must be a problem for a Chief who’s work includes judging disputes.

So last December volunteer Mark gave Nana Adu an on-line hearing test, using his laptop. And this month, volunteer Elisabeth took him out some prescription hearing aids. We’re told he likes them a lot.

PS Spectacles courtesy of SpecSavers

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