A bumper harvest

The news is that our part of Ashanti’s expecting a bumper crop. A couple of years ago, the land was so dry that crops were destroyed by wildfire. Luckily, things are looking up.

We visited Nana Ababio, Chief of Bimma and a beneficiary under our farm support scheme. He’s growing a mixed crop of corn, yam and cassava, and we’re told he’s very excited about the harvest, which he thinks will be great.

Free school dinners and breakfasts

When we first went to Ashanti, some fifteen years ago, the children were always hungry, and many were severely malnourished. As a result, we started free school lunches for children under five, who were most at risk.

To our surprise, this didn’t seem to make a lot of difference to their health and on investigation we found that, because they were being fed at school, their parents reserved all the food at home for their older brothers and sisters, who weren’t. So we added free school breakfasts to the dinners and now the children look fine.

We are very lucky this year to have found a donor to continue this work on our behalf.

Sunshine at midnight

We are distributing solar lamps to villages in the north of our area of operation. These villages have no electricity, but depend on battery powered lights or kerosene, which is harmful to the health. The lamps have kindly been donated by BasAid.

Jediako’s Falling Down

Dave, our semi-resident teacher-trainer in Ashanti, emails that ‘Jediako School is Falling Down.’ He sent us photos and says its one of the worse buildings he’s ever seen.

In our experience, it’s very hard to raise grants for school buildings. Can anyone out there make a suggestion as to how we could help?

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