Night lights

More photos of the distribution of solar lamps, kindly donated by BasAid. We’re not told which villages were the beneficiaries, but from their clothes one could guess that the people are settlers – people who’ve come south because it’s too difficult to maintain life in Northern Ghana and the Sahara. Settlers are usually exceptionally poor, so the solar lamps must be a great bonus. Apparently there was such a scramble for the lamps that at one point the Chiefs and community leaders had to be brought in to restore order.

Good luck comes in pairs

Thanks to the generosity of Mark and Judy, we started work on two new villages last week, Afromano and Bobin. In a few months time, each household will have its own latrine, and the whole community will have been trained in health and hygiene.

The effects? Babies will cease to die from water-related disease, and about 1,000 villagers will stop suffering from diarrhoea for five days in seven. This will leave everyone with much more energy to work their way out of poverty.

The first three photos show Nicholas telling Aframano about their good luck. The others show him telling Bobin.


Our tree-planting project relies on school children to look after the saplings for three years after which, if the sapling is doing well, they are given some small gift.

The photos show Bonkron primary school children receiving pens as their reward. We’re very grateful to Pens4Kids for giving us the biros. The children love them.

Heartfelt thanks

When people asked taxi-driver Emmanuel why he worked so hard, he explained that he was saving up to pay for an operation for his little daughter, who had a hole in the heart. Volunteers Dawn and Paul immediately offered to fund it, and here are some pictures of the child, who is doing well after the operation.

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