A Brighter Future

For the last ten days, a team from Leicester SpecSavers shops have been screening eyes in Gyetiaste, and distributing second-hand prescription spectacles which they graded themselves before they came. They worked very long hours and saw nearly 2,000 people.

In most of Africa, a child who goes blind has a life expectancy of one year, and the figure can’t be very different for elderly people. So SpecSavers is literally saving lives, and the Ashanti people and Ashanti Development will always be grateful to them.

In thanks for their work, and for sponsoring the village of Mpantuase for water and sanitation, a durber was arranged for them. SpecSavers’ team leader, Ab Roy, is a chief and can be seen in his robes.

Light in the Darkness!

Blindness is life-threatening in the Ashanti villages.  Farmers with cataracts find they can’t distinguish corn from weeds;  women can no longer collect water or cook;  children have a life expectancy of about a year.

Ashanti Development has just carried out fifteen more cataract operations with funding from Hands International and the MCEC.  The patients are overwhelmed by their good fortune.   Ashanti Development joins them in sending enormous thanks to the donors. 

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