Sponsored Swim

Ashanti Spring Sponsored Swim

Oasis Outdoor Pool, 32 Endell Street, WC2

Saturday 7th May 10am-3pm

Join us for a fun day of swimming and home baked goods to raise funds to sponsor a whole village in Ghana called DOME. Our target is £1,900.

To take part and for sponsor forms please email Penny David [email protected]

You can donate through our JustGiving Page at

Refreshments will be available all day.

Introducing Timber Nkwanta and Domeabra

We’ve got a huge amount of work underway in Ashanti. Eight villages have found sponsors since January – some are waiting for a gap in the queue to get started – and we’re also building our third clinic.

Despite all this, Nicholas has found time to seek out two new villages. Timber Nkwanta (meaning ‘Timber Crossroads’) started as a wood cutter’s hut and now consists of around 300 people; while Domeabra has only 100 people, mainly settlers from the north of Ghana. They’re both located near the town of Abuontem, where we’re putting in sanitation. Here are some photos.

Sponsorship for sanitation and hygiene training is estimated at £6,510 for Timber Nkwanta and £3,100 for Domeabra. It would turn around their lives.






Diary Dates

On the evening of May 24, there’ll be a fund-raising concert of classical music at St Pancras Church, corner of Euston Road and Woburn Place, London, NW1 2BA. Performers will include Henry Roche, former Head of Music of the Royal Ballet, and Jonathan Reid. We’ll give more details of the programme as and when they come through.
On July 23, Ashanti Development’s summer party, A Taste of Ghana, will take place in Holborn. The sponsored walk will be on September 10, and a swimmarathon and gospel choir concert will be fitted intothe gaps.

Job Vacancy – Teacher-Trainers

We’re looking for volunteer teacher-trainers to spend three terms in Ashanti helping develop our teacher-trainer work.

A few years ago, retired teacher Dave Banks set out to improve the quality of teaching in Sekyere Central District.  After observing lessons and talking to teachers, he documented a method of improving their performance, and at first was inclined to publish it.

But then he realised that the programme might well be seen as a foreign invention, created by an arogant foreigner who thought he knew it all.

So Dave decided to work with the eight top supervisors in the District.  Together they revised the work, and then the supervisors cascaded the information to all the local schools.  Since then, exam results have dramatically improved, and Dave is under pressure from neighbouring Districts to extend the programme to them.

We’re now looking for more people to join him – to work with District supervisors to amend and improve the programme so that local people can take ownership of it, and then to cascade it to large numbers of teachers.

This might be a great opportunity for recently retired people, or people looking for a change in life-style. No pay, but you’ll get free board and lodging, the knowledge you’re making a big difference to the life chances of many children, and the undying gratitude of some of the nicest people in Africa.

BIG News

BIG NEWS. If you go to, you can order a shirt or blouse or dress, to be made to your exact measurements. And of course you can choose the material too.
It will be made up by Kofi and his dressmaking school in Gyetiase, and the picture shows him with two very happy customers. They asked him to make a shirt and a jacket in the 24 hours before they left Ashanti. He must have been up most of the night, but he did it.
Students of the dressmaking school are mostly single mothers, very poor, and their studies are highly subsidised by Ashanti Development, so it will be wonderful if this turns into a way of helping the school to stand on its own two feet.
Richard, Aki, Kofi

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