Christmas Market

Our principal patron, Keir Starmer MP, dropped in last week on the stall we were running at the Camden Christmas Market. As you can see, Martha taught him how to play oware, and we were joined by other well-wishers. What a good way to start Christmas.

The Zongos of Mampong

Last year, The Ghana Government awarded Mampong District around £2,000 in a competition for the best grant application. 121 Districts entered and Mampong came seventh. Its application was for funding 100 Zongo latrines in Mampong Town, ie enough latrines for 1,000 people. Zongos are immigrants friom northern Ghana or Burkino Faso, who come south because climate change means it is too difficult to sustain life in their homes.
The District’s application described the extreme poverty in which the Zongos live, with 10 or 20 people sharing a single room, and most of them begging for food or living off produce from very small smallholdings.

Nicholas has been carrying out ‘beneficiaries identification’ among the Mampong Zongos, which must be difficult because they will all be desperate to get a latrine. Meanwhile, he’s sent us these photos of the part of Mampong where they live.

A Taste of Ghana

Join us for our annual summer party in central London on Saturday 22 July from 4pm to 7pm. The Ghanaian community in London is going to cook us all a Ghanaian meal, and there will be music and decorations and raffle prizes.

It will be held in The Tenants’ Hall, Underneath Tresham, Lambs Conduit Passage, London WC1R 4RE. This is just off Red Lion Square.

Tickets on the door are £16 or available from Eventbrite.

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