The moment the people of Krobo have dreamed of!

It doesn’t show on their faces, but this is the moment the people of Krobo have dreamed of.  For years the community has been asking us for latrines and hygiene training, and  this  meeting has been called to announce that their day has finally come and work will begin quite soon.

Krobo was the family home of General Kofi Afrifa, once President of Ghana.  General Afrifa took part in the 1966 coup which replaced Kwame Nkrumah with General Akofu.   In 1968 there was a second coup within the ruling party, and General Afrifa was installed as the new head of state until he was overthrown by a third coup in 1971.  At that point, he retired to Krobo where he rebuilt all the houses, as well as schools and a clinic, and laid out wide streets.   Unfortunately, not many people understood the importance of latrines and sanitation in those days, so he built none.  

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