Enabling the Disabled

The Disabled Association report that the Centre we built for them last year in Nsuta has led to a considerable improvement to their status in society. What’s more, a donor has just offered to fund a computer room for them, so those who are literate will soon be able earn a bit of money writing letters for those who aren’t, or as an internet cafe.

We told the local authority about this, and asked for their cooperation in improving the lives of the disabled in the area. Their headquarters is just a stone’s throw from the Centre. In response, they promised to provide a free computer trainer, and to contract all their printing to the Association, provided we could provide two big printers. They also said that in a year or two they find a job for a Disabled Association member, provided there was one with the appropriate education – which is very likely.

So things are looking up for this particular Disabled Association. We’ll do our best to make sure they go on that way.

Disabled centre
Disabled centre

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