Brengo Celebrates

What’s everyone talking about in the villages? Well my guess would be that it’s the grand durber that Brengo village held a few days ago to celebrate their new household latrines plus a new borehole, overhead tank and water fetching point. All these were sponsored by the Christadelphians, to whom the Brengo community and Ashanti Development are incredibly grateful.

Brengo already had one borehole, but it didn’t supply nearly enough water for everyone’s needs and there was a constant queue of buckets beside it, waiting for it to refill. The villagers knew that borehole water was much safer to drink than stream water, and would get up in the middle of the night to move their buckets up the queue and make sure they didn’t lose their places.

Now, there’s plenty of water, and it’s easy to collect from the overhead tanks. No wonder that the Guest of Honour at the durber was Martha (in the photos, she’s got a ginger-coloured dress and a white headdress), along with the MP, and District Directors. People came from as far away as Kumasi to join in the celebrations.


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