A New Centre for the Disabled

The most unfortunate people in Africa are probably the disabled. In Ghana, for example, disabled babies are often killed at birth, while the adult disabled are left to beg or otherwise live on charity. No-one will employ them. Many people even dislike associating with them.

The Disabled Association of Nsuta was set up in 2008 by Anthony Duku, who lost both legs in a car accident at age of eleven. At his own expense, Anthony registered as members 451 physically disabled people in the District, together with a further 99 who were deaf or blind. He subsequently shamed the District into passing on to the Association an annual sum of £1,200 provided by central government for disabled people, and set up a committee to distribute this money. They use it to educate disabled children; to train disabled adults on how to trade; and to buy wheelchairs, crutches etc.

At Ashanti Development, we’re trying to extend our microcredit scheme to both male and female Association members. We’re also building the Association a new centre. Here’s a photo of work in progress.

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