Sad for PSK

Many of you know about the recent legislation to cut the number of Unit Committees in every electoral area. What’s more, whereas previously representatives were elected, they are now nominated by government. At many villages this change has wrought havoc. Former, possibly hard-working and responsible Unit Committee members are furious at having been displaced and many people refuse point blank to work with the new committees, who are in any case too small to manage all the work involved.

Examples are the three neighbouring villages of Patase, Sesease and Kokoben. Sometime ago, we gave them a palm oil press, but they were unable to organise themselves enough to use it properly. They’ve had many ‘last chances’ to do this, but never succeeded, so now we’ve removed the press and given it to Adutwam village, largely because Adutwam already have a shed in which to house it.

The photos show the press being removed from PSK, and the shed where it’s now housed.  It’s very sad for PSK, and we’re specially sorry because Kokoben is Master’s home village. Let’s hope at least it serves as an example to any other village. 





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