A Letter from Nana Gyamfua Aduako II

Nana Gyamfua Aduako II
The photo is of Nana Gyamfua Aduako II, Queen Mother of Kwahu-Tafo, who has written Ashanti Development a wonderful thank-you letter for setting up a microcredit project in her town. Here’s what she says: –

I have heard … about the very remarkable generosity of your ‘Yen Daakye’ programme here in our town, under which Ashanti Development started a Microcredit Scheme in October 2011 to assist Kwahu Tafo women to make a modest start in business or build upon their current achievements.Nana (Humphrey Barclay, Kwahu-Tafo Development Chief) tells me that during Isebail McKinnon’s recent visit the number of women registered under the scheme and now collaborating in self-supporting groups has risen to 80. This is an astonishing benefit you and your colleagues have brought to us, and on behalf of the women in the town I, Nana Gyamfua Aduako II, Queen Mother of Kwahu Tafo, want to express my profound appreciation of your choice of Kwahu Tafo, and your persistent and successful efforts to develop skills and opportunities for our women. I understand that the group system offers the participants not only mutual support but also training in a way that is very encouraging to them as citizens seeking to stand on their own two feet.

I have also learned that to run your scheme you recruited one of our very own townswomen, Miss Felicia Asabea, and as her Supervisor Madam Elizabeth Gyimah, now to be succeeded by Madam Ernestina Owusu Ameyaw. I am very happy to salute them all in celebration of your collaborative success.

Dear Ms David, Kwahu Tafo will always be grateful to you, and the ‘Yen Daakye’ founders Isebail McKinnon and Jennifer Kavanagh, and all your good people. Thank you all so much. I would like to take this opportunity to wish your organisation the greatest possible success wherever it operates, to congratulate you on so faithfully rewarding your donors’ interests, and for sharing so much with our small town.

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